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A New and Innovating Way to Illuminate Your Rooms

With the cost savings of LED lighting then it’s a logical conclusions that new innovating and unique designs of lighting using this technology will start to appear.

This LED Ceiling Light produces a very natural daylight colour temperature and so everything in the room has a more natural colour tone then more traditional forms of lighting. The surface of the LED light is a tough white frosted plastic and the entire unit needs to be installed into a recess in the ceiling. The unit sits almost flush with the ceiling and once installed is held very securely in place by two sprung loaded clips. It looks very clean and neat once installed and illuminates the entire room.

One assumption of mine was that if the light was installed in a central point of a ceiling , that no light would fall on the walls and most would just hit the floor below. I could not have been more wrong. The LED light very much fills up the whole room and right up the walls.


To conclude, this LED light looks good and lights the entire room in a very natural light.

I received this product at a reduced rate for an honest and unbiased review which I have given after using this product.

I do hope you found this review useful.


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