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DIY Measuring Time Saver

This will same me so much time with my DIY around the house. If you are measuring something over a short distance like a metre or so, one person with a tape measure is fine. But when you need somebody to hold the other end to measure a height of width of a room, it starts to be more of an issue.

Now this is were this portable ultrasonic measuring device comes into it’s own. From my testing it is possible to measure distances from 18 metres down to 0.51 metres.

The device works by first using a laser beam to correctly identify the target surface. Then two ultrasonic pulses are emitted from the device and the time it takes the pulse to hit the surface and return is internally calculated and transpose into a measurement. I’m assuming there are two pulses to compare for accuracy as one would be sufficient. What particularly impressed me is that it also works on soft target surfaces such as a sofa.

I have measured all the results with a standard tape measure to verify the measurements and all is accurate. I feel I can now completely trust this device to do a good and accurate job. It will also save me having to ask my wife to hold one end of the tape measure all the time.

I received this product at a reduced rate for an honest and unbiased review which I have given after using this product. This fact has not influenced my review in any way.


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