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A Decorative Array of Orbs to Brighten up your Garden

I like solar products. No messing around with batteries or lengthy power cables in the back or fount of the garden. Just set-up the lights, then locate the solar panel base unit where as much sun as possible can hit the panel.

The tiny air bubbles within each one of the orbs work very well at scattering their light. They turn the small LED light source into fully illuminated orbs that give off a gentle warm glow.

These lights will look great in the garden all year round. I will be moving mine to the front of the house over Christmas to add some subtle lighting to one of the trees over the festive period.

The base unit that houses the solar panel comes with a two part stake for pushing into the soil. On the rear of the unit are two buttons. The first button is for switching the lights on and off, if required. The second is to switch between continuous illumination or flashing. When in flashing mode the lights flash 68 times per minute. The base unit can also sense when the sunsets and so only switches on the lights after sunset.

To conclude, these Solar String Lights are a very nice and easy to install. They are an excellent feature to enhance any garden both front and back. Once installed they need no additional power source or maintenance.

I received this product at a reduced rate for an honest and unbiased review which I have given after using this product.

I do hope you found this review useful.


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