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Keep the audio connected around your home or office

Bluetooth USB Dongle

I love my audio devices and Bluetooth 4.0 makes it so easy to keep everything connected. I use Bluetooth in my home office but needed Bluetooth functionality on my work machine which is now running Windows 10.

I initially tried to install the Windows 7 drivers from the CD supplied on my home office machine. Unfortunately, the software only part loaded. The CD ROM drive tried again and again to load the Bluetooth software but after a number of attempts I just could not get it to work. I also tried it in my Ubuntu machine. Ubuntu quickly picked-up the device and was ready to go.

I took the Bluetooth Dongle into work with me the next day and installed it into my Windows 10 machine. The computer picked it up and installed some drivers and all is working fine. Music is now streaming to my Bluetooth headphones and everything is good.

To conclude, works fine for me on Windows 10 and Ubuntu but had issues loading drivers from CD with Windows 7.

I received this product at a reduced rate for an honest and unbiased review which I have given after using this product. This fact has not influenced my review in any way.

I do hope you found this review useful.


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