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Extend your Video Camera to Video Monitor Link

When I shoot downward facing video of tabletop action, such as unboxing or food preparation, I can not see the camera monitor.  By using a large external monitor that is plugged into the video out of the camera, I can now see that is happening on a large monitor.

This AV Extension Cable has now made my life so much easier.  The cable is 3 metres long so one end plugs into the camera’s output way above my head and the other end plugs into the video monitor on a tripod beside me.  It’s just the right length with a little bit of slack to spare.

It also works well with my desktop video camera dolly.  Again, it is difficult to see the video camera monitor but with this  AV Extension Cable in place, I have a lot of camera freedom when recording.

This cable is now a permanent fixture in my AV system and is thoroughly recommended.

This product was purchased at full price for the purpose of upgrading my own audio/video systems and was not discounted.

I do hope you found this review useful.


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