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Create a 3D work of art

This is a really cool product and great for creative children (8 and over) as well as adults.

To start using the pen just plugin the power supply (provided) and press the start button. The 3D Pen will then start to warm up to it’s operating temperature of 230 degrees. There is an LCD display to indicate the temperature as it climbs and stops when the operational temperature is reached. Once the pen has reached it’s operating temperature it is ready to load with a coloured 3D Pen filament.

To load a filament, just feed one end of the filament into the top end of the pen whilst pressing the forward button. The speed of the filament can be adjusted by a slider on the side of the pen. Once the filament reaches the tip of the pen it is ready to use. By pressing the forward button and by controlling the speed, the melted filament will be ejected from the end of the pen. When you take your finger off of the forward button the filament reverses a little. This is to stop the melted plastic from oozing out of the pen once you have stopped.

To change colours you just need to press the reverse button until the filament is completely ejected from the top of the pen. Then you are ready to load your next colour and carry on creating your very own 3D masterpieces.

If the 3D Pen is left unattended, the pen will go into auto standby and switch off the heating element. Always a good feature when it comes to kids.

It will take a bit of practice until you get it mastered. If you or your child are creative then you will have no problems in creating some great pieces of personal 3D art.

I received this product at a reduced rate for an honest and unbiased review which I have given after using this product. This fact has not influenced my review in any way.